How we do it

Our process follows a methodology specifically designed for positive user experiences.

Our design process breaks down into five formal development stages. It begins with thoughtful research and planning, and proceeds step-by-step through each project milestone in a smart, methodical manner until a quality finished product has been achieved.

Our process begins with a clear assessment of your project's goals, and a clear understanding of what defines success. Our process involves:

Strategy & Planning (Developing a Genuine Plan)

  • clearly stating technology requirements and project goals (attracting new business? eCommerce? SEO?)
  • profiling your target audience and identifying key user activities
  • creating a strategy for steering users through your brand, organizational culture, and services
  • employing qualitative research techniques such as paper prototyping, card sorting and user-session recordings as needed

Concept Development

  • drafting technical layouts for critical areas of your website, application or mobile app
  • designing an interface that resonates with your intended audience while addressing usability and accessibility
  • incorporating branding and identity
  • allowing ample flexibility for customizing each interface

Production & Development

  • developing backend functionality that makes your website or web app "work"
  • producing clean, search engine friendly XHTML
  • building out the recommended CMS platform (Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress, or other?)
  • programming for SEO best practices
  • providing user training and hands-on demos

Quality Assurance

  • thorough testing on all major platforms and web browsers
  • registering your site with all major search engines
  • advising how to maximize your Web presence and maintain/increase traffic to your site
  • protecting your investment by providing you with a stable and effective product

Launch & Beyond

  • tracking website statistics, conversion rates and ad campaigns
  • developing innovative post-launch communications and marketing campaigns with customers/constituents
  • maintaining your website as needed on a per-request basis or maintenance plan